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  • Meantime



    The humor, performances, authenticness, and language are the reasons to watch.

    Slang like “on the never-never”, “you rass”, “are you screwing me out?” “It really got your goat, didn’t it?” “Pipe down will ya?” “Ya rollock!” “Did you have a good kip?” Whether Brits still say these things now I couldn’t say.

    Arguably one of Mike Leigh’s funniest. Very little actually happens, there’s a lot of aimless hanging about. Unemployment paralysis is not a new condition.




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    CPH: Dox 2021 (ranked)

    This review concludes my Copenhagen International Documentary Festival experience! I logged and reviewed 23 titles in total. Not including about five other docs I watched only parts of during the online festival.

    MLK/FBI arguably tarnishes the legacy of Martin Luther King Jr. by disclosing secrets that were not public when he was alive. I say "arguably" because these rumours have circulated since the 1980s and are available on his wikipedia. Clarence…

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  • Minority Report

    Minority Report


    Recommended by KJ

    Sci-fi action mystery-thriller. I remember when I saw the movie back in 2002 at the cinema a person sitting behind me commented out loud “Spielberg?” during the end credits. I can see where he was coming from as it’s darker than Spielberg’s typically sentimental approach, and could have been directed by another filmmaker.

    A Hitchcockian ‘man on the run’ story set in the year 2054, loosely based on the 1956 short story "The Minority Report" by Philip…

  • Dark Blossom

    Dark Blossom


    CPH: Dox 2021 (ranked)

    Winner of Politiken's Danish:Dox Award. I’ll start off by saying I enjoy 80s post-punk/goth-rock but I’m not part of a goth community. There are different kinds of goths, I respect their freedom to express themselves. If you use goth make-up, hair and clothes, then I assume it’s harder to get a job, although the documentary only hints at this.

    Dark Blossom follows three Danish goth youths, Josephine, Nightmare and Jay, the trio are outsiders and friends.…