Alfie ★★★½

Michael Caine, in a star making performance, plays a charming yet cold-hearted ladies man, who treats women as disposable objects he describes as “it” and “bird”. Not wanting to attach himself to anything serious, he moves from one affair to the next, whether the women are married or not.
In its time, the film was praised for its sexual frankness and persuasive rendering of Swinging London, although the situations seem mild by contemporary standards. You could be envious or disdainful of Alfie, maybe even both. While he beds a number of women, it is a sad film in which I shed a tear for his hollow life and temporary relationships. But he only has himself to blame. The song “Alfie,” by Burt Bacharach was Oscar nominated, and heightens the emotional impact of the last scene.
I will say though that the womanizing is overdone and overemphasizes its point. The bar fight and medical examination could have been trimmed.