Zombieland: Double Tap

Zombieland: Double Tap ★★★

11 years since the first Zombieland horror-comedy and if you enjoyed hanging out with the cast, this is more of the same. The actors haven't changed much at all with the exception of Abigail Breslin who is all grown up now and flaunting her curves. There are also a few new characters, the blonde wearing pink is annoyingly fun. I won't reveal the other new faces as those are a bit spoilery.
Double Tap tries to raise the stakes as sequels tend to do, in this case the zombies evolve and become harder to kill. Some of the plot elements are lazy and lifted from other, better movies. Things feel a bit forced and less plausible than the original. For me, the new people who arrive at the Elvis hotel deliver the biggest laugh. The locations are really the highlights and provide the comedy: the white house, a trip to Graceland, and a peace camp. They travel around the US although there is a 'kill of the year' set in Italy, detached from the characters we know. Stay for the end credits and a cameo appearance.

Memorable quote (has double meaning by commenting on weapon ownership in the US): "I'm not giving up my guns under any circumstances, periodo!"

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