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  • Elite Squad: The Enemy Within

    Elite Squad: The Enemy Within


    I fucking love this film. This was probably the tenth time I've seen it and to date it is one of the only eight films that I have given a rating of 4½. Not only does it overachieve in what any sequel aspires to be, it also delivers an emotional ending that you would wish not just for Brazil, but for the rest of Latin America, for Africa, for Asia, and for most of Europe.

    What Tropa de Elite 2

  • The Bourne Ultimatum

    The Bourne Ultimatum


    A dedication to these poor souls:
    - Simon Ross, who could just not keep his cool and put his faith in Bourne's instructions, which cost him his life.
    - The poor junkie with the blue hoodie at the bus stop that Bourne used as distraction, resulting in him being taken away by Vosen's goons.
    - The black operative in Madrid that did not get a fancy live camera attached to his gun like his white colleague. As if nobody in…

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  • Paterson



    Me and my girlfriend live in our little bubble. We wake up in each other's arms, and we are happy to see each other again.

    We go to work. During the quiet moments of my day I make illustrations of events from my life. Often they're about moments I share with her. After work I do my videogame development as a hobby, and my girlfriend plays on her musical instruments.

    Later in the evening we do an activity together (play…

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    Lana Del Rey knows a lot of fun facts, for example that there's a tunnel under Ocean Blvd. But I bet that she does not know where the metric system came from.

    btw After having seen Snake Eyes: G.I. Joe Origins yesterday I would not had imagined to see anything even worse! How this even got released really astounds me. I count at least 570 crew members working on this – and none of them said it was a bad idea.

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  • North Terminal

    North Terminal


    This is what you'd get if MUBI were asked to produce the tiny desk concerts.

  • Kadaisi Vivasayi

    Kadaisi Vivasayi


    Not a review of the film itself, which is marvellous with many things to say, but more a general comment about my experience watching it:

    I love slice of life films like this because they tend to suck viewers into its world and characters. And these days amid the global pandemic and lockdowns it is nice to be transported somewhere else spiritually. Thank you, cinema!