Tenet ★½

So I was invited to a press screening by my friends dad Jeremy WarnerBros. and got to see the movie early.

Total trash. Main character is a raging sexist and Robert Pattinson plays a Latino character (how has NOBODY talked about this). Nolan just jumped the shark. Impressive visuals of course and love the 70mm photography. The celluloid look matched with Nolan’s blockbuster visuals is always a treat, I just wish it wasn’t accompanied with Nolan’s bland racist and sexist characters and writing. There is one scene where I had to leave the theater for a moment because I was so offended. 

This movie is so bland and uninteresting, the main character’s name is “protagonist”.

Also the film ends with John David Washington (Protagonist) going back in time to stop Judas from betraying Jesus and it’s a cliffhanger ending. It ends with Travis Scott’s Sicko Mode.

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