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  • Le Bonheur

    Le Bonheur


    Week 14: December 8th-14th
    Masters of the West Week: Agnes Varda and Chantal Akerman

    The universe conspired to impede my attempts to watch Cleo from 5 to 7 so I instead went into Le Bonheur somewhat blind. What's most interesting is how much is said indirectly - the wife's feelings and experiences and presence is ignored by husband and film alike; she is an afterthought in her own life and death. On the one hand, shaping the narrative to embody…

  • Enter the Dragon

    Enter the Dragon


    "Man, you come right out of a comic book."

    Bruce Lee is electrifying - it's a wonder to watch the man work - and John Saxon is fun as always, but the movie is so, so hindered by the shoddy camerawork. The awkward, stiffly framed shots constantly keep attacks and attackers off-screen, hiding the choreography and stuntwork instead of displaying it in all its glory. I craved the dynamic, fluid, and crystal-clear action of Jackie Chan's films throughout Enter The Dragon's entire runtime.

    It's a fun and at-times impressive B-movie, but the filmmaking doesn't do Bruce Lee (and the other performers) justice.

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  • Promare



    Trigger, I think we need to go on a break.

    Now, I love the studio's punk-like, devil-may-care attitude. It was so cool to see an upstart animation studio so flagrantly try to play by its own rules, especially a studio with that Gainax pedigree. But over time I've come to realize it's less that I like what the studio has actually made, and more that I just like the attitude of the studio itself. I loved the original Little Witch…

  • Helluva Boss

    Helluva Boss


    For all my gripes with Hazbin Hotel's pacing, it at least seemed to have a grasp of structure - even if it crammed too much, too fast into that structure.

    Although the animation is more restrained here, this pilot is all over the place and a struggle to follow. Perhaps time is a concept that doesn't exist in Vivziepop's version of Hell, because the idea of events following each other in a linear sequence is evidently completely unheard of.