Blood Beat ★★★★½

Daily Horror Scavenger Hunt 1 – July 2018 ( )

Day 27: Today we will watch a movie with the word "blood" in the title.

My List:

A slasher within a nightmare with a glowing samurai killer and a mom with psychic powers. The score is awesome (at times it sounds like it was ripped off from a Carpenter movie), the effects are cheaply great, and the story is pretty much nonsensical, but did I mention the glowing samurai killer? In the middle of the U.S.A. for some reason. It also features one of the best uses of Carl Orff's Carmina Burana since Excalibur. At one point near the end I couldn't tell what the Samurai was saying so I turned on the subtitles. One of the subtitles describes one of the sound effects as "mystical boinging". How great is that? ...and actually pretty accurate.

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