Cannibal World ★★★

It's a total rip-off of everything Cannibal Holocaust did, but shot in someone's back yard and maybe the forest behind their house. It's nice to have mowed lawns and groomed trails when you're murdering a village of cannibals.

Everything that you'd expect from a cannibal movie is here, including a real animal death and lots of guts being ripped out and munched, but it also looks and feels and is acted in a way that feels very daytime soap opera....if the daytime soap was about evil people, joyously laughing as people are murdered and torn apart. It becomes almost funny with how over-the-top our camera crew gets. Not to mention the people back at the TV network, as they club you over the head with some sort of message and bewildering dialogue. And evil cackling laughter. Seriously.

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