Scream ★★★★★

The Big Ole List of Horror-esque Movies I Watched This October 2017
Movie #20:

So I had to go from afternoon shift to day shift at work today and I was really excited to be able to go home and watch some horror on a Friday night for once instead of working till twelve. Unfortunately I was also really tired from the switchover and had a hard time even making it through one movie which is kind of a sad Friday night...I guess some people might say sitting home alone on a Friday night, in the dark, watching horror movies is kind of sad in its own right, but I like it....I really wanted to watch another one to prevent a solo flick night but knew I wouldn't make it through the whole thing without passing out so I went with the old classic that I have seen so many times. I basically have this memorized anyway. It took me a few sleep breaks, but I watched the entire movie and enjoyed it like always.

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