Tsunambee ½

Daily Horror Hunt #23 – May 2020 Day 11. It's spring! Watch a horror that has birds, bees, flowers, trees or some part of nature run amok.

Look, I enjoy a bad movie as much as the next person but when I watch a movie called Tsunambee I kind of expect there to be more than three scenes of bees flying around in the sky, and maybe actually seeing a bee kill someone would be(e) nice. Then they introduce zombies that also do nothing, a police brutality tangent, flashbacks, and a random crap ton of religious blathering (was the movie financed by a religious group??). I hate crap movies that can't even give the bare minimum of anything resembling entertainment. Or anything happening. Or a likable character. The deadliest creature in the entire movie was a little girl.

This is my second Milko Davis movie. At least you can tell by the look of the movies that they were done by the same person. I hate the style but I guess it stands out. Congratulations???

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