Wyrmwood: Road of the Dead ★★★★

My Eyes Hurt When I Go Outside, It's Too Bright!!! (or, My Halloween Horrorfest 2018) Movie #96 (boxd.it/25cXe )

I keep seeing that this is a cross of Road Warrior meets Dawn of the Dead. Personally I'd go more with Day of the Dead with a bit of Resident Evil and yes, Road Warrior. Road Warrior especially because the filmmakers totally pay tribute (lifted in a loving way) to a couple of scenes from that movie. And the car and clothes look like something from it as well. This is a fun Australian horror zombie movie with buckets of blood, an evil scientist, bad army dudes, lots of humour, action, and super powers. Zombies in the Outback....or maybe not. Was that the Outback? I dunno. I'm Canadian. I know nothing about these things. Yeah, probably not The Outback. Sorry Australia. It didn't seem like an overly populated area anyway. But there still seemed to be a decent number of zombies running around for such a sparsely populated area. Which is good. Who wants a zombie movie with not many zombies? Not this guy.

** apparently the road scenes were shot in the Blue Mountains, NSW, Australia.

Wiki: The Blue Mountains are a mountainous region and a mountain range located in New South Wales, Australia. The region borders on Sydney's metropolitan area, its foothills starting about 50 kilometres (31 mi) west of centre of the state capital.

Now I know.

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