2001: A Space Odyssey

2001: A Space Odyssey ★★★★★

9:30 PM, Eastern standard time.
Relaxed, cold but partially covered by blankets.


An overture, something that sorely needs to be brought back. The first shot illustrating the film's majesty right off with its image of aligned bodies of space mass. Even more gorgeous imagery, this time planet-side. Ape-men whose first seminal discovery is that of weaponry. They'll make a two-thousand-year technological leap with the whisk of a smash-cut, with the help of an ominous, rectangular body of inky black.

Classical music + space travel = winning cinematic combination. Human small-talk that's merely a small push for the journey the species will bring full circle. They touch the black rectangle once again, putting the gears in motion for mankind to be born again.

The journey continues for eighteen months more. A ship led by a sociopathic computer with a human crew who are unaware. All but one of the crew wiped out in an A.I.'s effort to feel superior to its creator. Justice is served by the lone survivor, despite the pleadings of the computer. How appropriate that it mimics our fear when we humans realize our mistakes.

A portal of wondrous lights and colored patterns. The quintessential facial expression(s) for fear of the unknown. Neon landscapes. Negative-exposured oceans. Faint cries of dawning man?

Journey's end. The evolution of one man to repeat that for mankind. One last time, the rectangle appears. Man is made a sole, cosmic fetus. It watches Earth from afar, looking for its descendants to begin anew. As to how it was conceived and what will come forth in the wake of its birth, we will never know. And surely, it's best we don't, lest we ruin the never-ending mystery of the universe itself.

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