Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice ★★★★★

First time viewing the Ultimate Edition. The operatic ugliness of Zack Snyder's vision is only seen more clearly.

What initially came off as forced input from a panicked studio now settles in with the chaos of a world in cosmic freefall. Gods question their place among mortals. Men attempt to prove their bravery. Sniveling puppet-masters make them both dance in violent unison with the strings they have laid across the Earth.

As anyone who worships The Dark Knight Returns would, Snyder sees superheroism as a tangible concept permanently at war with itself, as well as with the space it occupies. Trying to save the world or making it a better place in our reality can never be seen as just that, like the celebrity talking-heads remind us. Meanwhile, messages of impending doom are sent across time and space, respectively. The film's proposed ideas are as much in conflict with each other as its morally clueless protagonists are.

On arrival, this was touted as the HEAVEN'S GATE of superhero films for its potential to end the genre via financial implosion. In time, it will instead be touted that for its overlooked madcap ambition -- a comic-book movie that flew too close to the sun.

Snyder doesn't think we deserve this film.
As the film's Greek chorus leader, Alfred Pennyworth, would say:
"No, sir, we do not."

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