Sunset Boulevard ★★★★★

If you happened to look at the date I logged my viewing of this film, you might be thinking to yourself why the Hell I've put off this review for a week since seeing it. My writing schedule is typically under a full week after watching something, and this has been my longest lapse of time without a write-up thus far in my Letterboxd career. And with the perfect score I'm assiging to it, I should have no excuse to not have a a glowing review for the film in question, right? I mean, what's a more official seal of admiration than writing at length why you became so attached to what you experienced?

I can only muster this excuse:
The film in question is Sunset Boulevard.

We're talking about one of the heavy-hitters of Hollywood classics here. A film that has been talked about and written about for more than six decades. One that has been imitated, satirized and quoted for the same amount of time to the point of reaching an iconic status. So really, what else can I add to the its consensus of being one of the greatest films of all time? In my honest opinion, nothing that will break new ground, which means that my praise will amount to an unavoidable regurgitation of dozens of more reviews that have come before my own.

But that doesn't mean I'm unable to offer my opinion of the film through the lens of my unique cinephile background. I was already a fan of Billy Wilder with all the other films of his that I've watched and loved, so I had reasonably high expectations going into Sunset Boulevard when taking that and its critical reputation into account. The three Billy Wilder films I've seen before this one happen to be among my top one hundred favorite films (with one being in my top five!), so that raised the stakes even higher. Well, perhaps not so surprisingly, with my viewing of this, my count of Wilder films on my list of favorites quckly bumped up to four.

I know that at some point I'll have to write something more formal and constructive about the other legendary pieces of cinema I'll eventually watch and hopefully love, but I'm just too blown away with this film at the moment to come up with anything within the boundaries of that rubric. Maybe with some practice I can polish those reviewing skills with time, and I already know what to watch to get me started: more Billy Wilder films!

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