Blindspotting ★★★★½

Blindspotting really floored me. It's been a while I’ve seen a movie where I laughed so much and was still left with so much to think about. It touched on everything from gentrification, race relations, class based divides, police violence and urban life all without getting super hamfisted or corny. It’s not a movie about big speeches or lesson learned moments, it’s just a movie where we get to watch a person’s own personal reactions to a world where all these issues are happening around him. It was simultaneously a buddy comedy, a drama, a satire and a commentary and honestly I wasn’t expecting it to be anywhere near what it was. It reminds me of the type of deftness Spike Lee’s earlier films had in balancing drama, comedy, social issues and slice of life storytelling that made that period of his work feel so vital, relevant and relatable. It’s definitely a worthwhile watch. 

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