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  • Flyboys



    I wanted to like this movie. But all the dramatic staring and flyby’s hurt this movie. That, combined with the solo missions made for terrible Hollywood ‘flair’.
    It didn’t suck, but it could of been way better.

  • Role Models

    Role Models


    If you don’t love this movie, then may Gene Simmons have mercy on your soul.

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  • Mad Max: Fury Road

    Mad Max: Fury Road


    This is everything that’s wrong with Hollywood today. They think they can throw out a bunch of explosions, girls, and fast cars and everyone will like it. But wait! Everyone does fall for that.
    Apparently with enough of those 3 things, everyone forgets about an actual storyline being more than, “lets drive in that direction. No wait! Let’s go back the way we came”.
    Horrible movie. The only high rating I give it is how likely I am to never watch it again. Which is 10/10

  • Psych: The Movie

    Psych: The Movie


    I loved it! It seems the norm is have a hit movie or tv show, wait awhile, make another one and see how bad you can make it suck.
    Not Psych though!
    They stayed true to everything. I just watched it and sat there debating on watching it again.