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  • Little Children

    Little Children


    oh dear god lol cmon dude. IN THE BEDROOM was manageable melodrama and just as pretty looking but this is ridiculous. spent the whole running time wondering what the hell it was getting at then by the end it tries to conflate its character's obstacles, the most notables ones being infidelity and pedophilia, into “hey, people aren’t perfect and they make mistakes sometimes.” and i realized i was watching an award nominated ensemble drama from 2006. felt so on the verge of self-parody i wanted to watch a todd solondz for something more to chew on.

  • That Thing You Do!

    That Thing You Do!


    like hanks himself: cheery, white, decidedly harmless. very clearly a vanity project but almost strictly for fun and conflict free. 90s liv tyler >>>

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  • Joker


    there’s almost something chilling about the character of the Joker — someone who finds the thought of crime to be funny...almost as if he’s having a laugh?

  • First Girl I Loved

    First Girl I Loved

    I'm sorry but this was fucking terrible. Not only was this egregiously offensive in its treatment of Mateo Arias's character, the casting of Brianna Hildebrand's "character" (not to mention that awful fucking wig), and its handling of the constant guilt/fear closeted people feel, but this is barely tolerable on almost every technical level (save for the camerawork, which is pretty). 

    Not only are all the characters incredibly ill-conceived and insipid, but every single actor here feels the need to be…