The Great Escape ★★★½

The Great Escape has a solid story with pretty good execution, an amazing cast, a ton of great suspense, and is very historically accurate which I appreciate. Steve McQueen, James Garner, Charles Bronson, Richard Attenborough, Donald Pleasence, and James Donald lead the cast, and they all deliver especially McQueen who plays the smart and suave 'Cooler King' to perfection. The story here is very interesting, and the fact that its based off of real life events is even better. Seeing the characters plan the escape and try their best to get out of this P.O.W. camp is really fun to watch, and there are many iconic scenes during this part of the film. Although there is a lot to like here, I did find the film to have many slow patches and it felt very long at times, clocking in at just under three hours. There was definitely some fat that could've been trimmed here. If it wasn't for the length, I would've enjoyed this movie more. As it stands though, this movie is worth the watch, a classic that more people definitely need to check out.

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