Donnie Darko ½

Oh my god. I hate this movie.

First time I saw it, I was just annoyed. Sooo many people told me that this was a masterpiece. So I rewatched it a couple of months later to give a second chance. I wanted to punch my tv after that and clean out the filth that had entered my DVD-player.

Fast forward a couple of years, I was sitting down with a bunch of classmates talking about the worst movies we've ever seen.
I did not hesitate when I said. "Donnie Darko is the worst piece of shit I have ever laid eyes on." They looked at me as if I had a brain tumor.

"Then you did not understand it."
"You need to see it again."
"Did your parents drop you?"

A week later they tricked me into watching it again.
So I gave it another shot.

I understood it. I was not confused.
The ending shows that it is a wormhole and makes it a loop, etc.

Everyone looked at me as the credits rolled by.
"Still a piece of shit"