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  • The Turin Horse
  • Schenec-Tady I
  • Variant
  • Into Great Silence

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  • 2012



    Makino creates explorable space within dystopian noise imagery. Accompanied by one of my favorite of Makino's soundscapes. 2012 is a new level of immersion and a great achievement for 3D Cinema.
    (Pulfrich 3D-Glasses essential for viewing)

  • Das sind die Gewitter in der Natur

    Das sind die Gewitter in der Natur


    Das sind die Gewitter in der Natur is a fragment of a long gone time. A time that should not be forgotten. Following Wenzel Heindl, a former farmhand who was 80 years old at the time of the shooting. Hobbles through the ruins of his past and is given all the time he needs to tell stories from his life, dominated by war and poverty. It is a very personal film for Werner Fritsch because the paths of the two…

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  • The Fifth Seal

    The Fifth Seal


    The Fifth Seal is a contemplative exploration of human suffering and changing in times of war. Depressive, philosophical, claustrophobic, existential are just a few words coming to my mind when rethinking this film. All those feelings are basically coming from one single question within the first act. After that, every single word gets yourself more and more involved in the moral dilemma. This is yet another beautifully crafted, overlooked masterpiece from eastern europe.

  • The Fall of Otrar

    The Fall of Otrar


    Watching The Fall of Otrar was without a doubt one of the most intense film experiences I've had in a while. The historical era, centering around Genghis Khan's influence over east asian areas is completely filled with blood, tears and dirt. Ardak Amirkulov captures this brutality in a breathtakingly bold vision with only brief glimmers of hope. Every aspect from the score to the set design to the claustrophobic camera work intensifies the merciless atmosphere. A bleak, unique medieval film that deserves to be seen by many more people.