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  • Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb

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  • Tokyo Dragon Chef

    Tokyo Dragon Chef


    Warning: You should not watch this movie if you ever plan on eating Ramen again without having being haunted by some catchy music.

    I got so many Yakuza game vibes while watching this movie, that I think that it would not surprise anyone if it was just a submission for Kiryu. It had a good mix of trashy story and characters, some fighting with different objects and Yakuza rivalry. In addition, it had some catchy songs about Ramen. Overall it's really enjoyable, just don't expect to much quality. Oh, and don't expect any gore because there is none.

  • Dynasty Warriors

    Dynasty Warriors


    I did not expect to see a good movie when I started this movie. So everybody thought that this might be a new Hero or Tiger and Dragon (or even the shadow) be warned that you will be most likely be disappointed. But I think this is not what the movie wanted to be. What I did expect was a good film version of the game Dynasty Warriors, which I did not get.
    The game is famous for massive battles…

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  • Love Exposure

    Love Exposure


    "This movie is like a rollercoaster ride", a sentence often read in film reviews. For Love Exposure this is also true, but it's more of a ride on a rollercoaster combined with a merry go around, freefall tower and a ghost train. You never know what is coming next, new genres, plot points and character arcs are always waiting around the next corner. This may sound like total chaos on the one hand and just to much stuff packed into…