Kes ★★★★

“Often people write stories about people who are suffering, and they're miserable all the time. That's not the case. You go to the food bank or wherever and there's laughter, there's comedy, there's stupidity, there's silliness and warmth. And that's the reality of people's lives. If you cut out that sense of humor and warmth, you miss the point.”
- Ken Loach 

Kes is one of the most universal captures of misunderstood youth, the human spirit, and the crushing reality of life. Uncomfortably relatable, which continues to sadden me whenever I do decide to watch a film that tackles the struggle of a neglected teen. Though I do believe these types of stories are some of the most important. They are not so much a love letter, but really a letter of understanding towards those who shared a draining upbringing. It makes it a bit less lonely, knowing others have gone through similar situations. 

I wish I saw this when I was younger, It would’ve made my reality a little less harsh. But in turn, I’m grateful to have seen it now rather than later in life. I hope to show this to my kids whenever that may be. This is a film everyone should see. Thank you Ken Loach.

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