The Seventh Continent

The Seventh Continent ★★★★½

I’m stiff, physically and mentally. The gradual reveal that The Seventh Continent pulls off is masterful. Never giving itself to its audience, only until its bitter end. Michael Haneke has proven himself once again to be a fantastic director. Now confirming my belief that he is not only my favorite director, but also my favorite creator. Always hitting a different and deep emotion within me that progressively changes my view on life and its monotonous existence. 

Repetition. As of late, I’ve seen more patterns and rhythms in life. They can turn into beauty or horror. This film features both, each moderate as well as sharp. Puncturing my mind in the most violent and vulnerable manner. A combination that is shocking. This may be one of the more horrifying pieces of film I’ve seen this year. And one I want to see immediately after finishing. Something I never say. Do what you will with that information.

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