Under the Skin

Under the Skin ★★★★★

It’s my birthday. :)

This past week I have been hyper fixated on Under the Skin. This isn’t anything particularly new bearing in mind that Glazer is one of my favorite directors. However, for one of my final projects for school, I made an entire presentation explaining the film as well as an eight page composition that had an even deeper analysis. To fit and continue this theme, I decided to gather all of my friends and watch the movie in my school’s auditorium for my birthday. A fantastic experience that I’ve been wanting to do ever since my first time seeing Under the Skin.

Hypnotic, never letting go. My adoration seems to never dim. It contains a certain horror that no other film acquires. Sickening and human. Eventually I will be able to write a proper review but for now I am perpetually speechless.

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