Malignant ★★★

This movie is incredibly dorky!

I got the sense Wan was going for a Frank Henenlotter or Sam Raimi type goofiness but I can't quite decide if he pulled it off or not... I mean I'll concede that he does in the final act, as that last half hour or so is truly bonkers. But man if that first hour and a half isn't a slog. If you're going to go campy then lean in hard the whole time, don't half ass it. Otherwise it just comes off as unintentional...

Oh and don't think you're Space Needle arial shots or green screen driving through Seattle streets will fool me. I could tell this was shot in Los Angeles.

It was a bit cathartic to watch a monster slaughter an entire Seattle police unit though. Just sayin'.

Why'd the diso lady team up with the white trash lady to beat up the quiet, scared lady?

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