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  • Shadow in the Cloud

    Shadow in the Cloud


    I was laughing at how self-aware hashtag girl power that ending was then I saw Max Landis' name on the writing credits. It was a real "aw, man :(" situation. As calling card cinema goes, I'm more interested by one that emulates Paul W.S. Anderson than whoever The Vast of Night was trying to do (Cary Fukunaga?).

  • Rust



    You know you're watching a certain kind of Brazilian cinéma when the dialogue parts are underplayed and the silences are overacted all in service of some (cinematic bred) notion of realism, which is probably why some critics have latched onto Rozsa Filmes recentely.

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  • Son of Saul

    Son of Saul


    There's no entrance point for those like me who didn't have an immediate response to Nemes' aesthetical propositions. This is Two Days, One Night but in hell, on both geographical and ideological senses: a man with a task runs against the clock; but while the Dardennes offer room to breathe and hope, Saul's task was born doomed. So what're left with is a vicious "first-hand experience" of what Nemes thought an adventure in a nazi concentration camp was like, which is just as unnecessary and inhumane as it sounds.

  • Sorry Angel

    Sorry Angel


    A movie so concerned with its brand of gay, even the doctor is a twink.