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  • Borat Subsequent Moviefilm

    Borat Subsequent Moviefilm

    I laughed so much harder at the political comedy in The Brothers Grimsby than anything in this, which is a recommendation (of sorts) for The Brothers Grimbsy over a slam on this. That said, pretty much the funniest thing about Borat is that he's speaking Hebrew.

    Didn't really buy much of this outside of the sequences with the most ghoulish of right wing America, and I think we've been over that they're as credulous as they are disgusting enough already.…

  • The Devil's Sword

    The Devil's Sword

    An imperfect/incompetent low-budget Indonesian Wuxia that goes really hard on cheap gore, papier-mâché alligator costumes and those kind of fight sequences where the people not directly fighting just walk a little to the left... and a little to the right... while holding their weapon awkwardly. Heads fly off, people fly off, but yet somehow this movie drops stone dead for long periods of time and it keeps feeling like a slog. I'm always disappointed in myself when I think "oh…

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  • Assassination Nation

    Assassination Nation

    I'm so glad Barry Levinson's rich, white, able-bodied son had a daughter, discovered women exist and decided to tell their story!!!


    My gut says that general audiences aren't *actually* going to fall for this, but after sitting in an TIFF audience that was primed for it, screamed bloodthirstily in favour of mob violence after the scene denouncing it and then gave it a standing ovation, I'm still gonna have to say it: Dickheads are always going to try to…

  • Hamilton


    Far better men than I have written scathing critiques of this musical that it's believed Toni Morrison hated so much that she funded an entire play to excoriate it (in fact, one of the better men who critiqued it wrote that very play; you can read one of his critiques here) but here I am anyway.

    Hamilton is, frankly, exactly as stupid as I thought it sounded, and I think if you hear "a rap musical in which slave-owning founding…