Apt Pupil

Apt Pupil ★★½

“Do you really think that I would stand aside and let you turn me in without dragging you with me, do you? Your American self confidence is so bloated you've forgotten the reality of the situation. 90,000 died in Patin. To the whole world, I am a monster. And you have known about me all this time. If I'm caught, when those reporters stick their microphones in my face it will be your name that I will repeat over and over again. Todd Bowden, Todd Bowden... Todd Bowden, yes, that was his name. For how long, for months, almost a year, he wanted to know everything. That was how he put it, yes, everything.”

Ok.. Whatever..
While the premise is pretty amazing and all-around a stupendous idea for a movie.. the presentation is rather tedious and boring. -Lacks any actual depth and very predictable. What’s weird is: This should be good. Movies like this kinda needs to be well directed because of the themes they’re dealing with. This is so annoyingly mediocre. 

I saw this like 1 hour ago and I’m just not impressed. I usually start writing the second the movie ends.. but I couldn’t bother. There’s nothing ‘inherently’ bad about it, except for the fact that its boring. The pacing and lack of decent cinematography just kills it for me. The performances are fine and so on.. No major flaws at all… Except the gargantuan flaw of any compelling aspect and a mostly surface level look into a subject matter which should be told with more nuance.

Like Interview with the Vampire.. except with an actual monster.. Also, this was made by Bryan Singer.. which.. you know.. makes sense. Boring and mediocre - I would skip this if I was you.

Also, fuck Bryan Singer.

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