Rocketman ★★★★

"Real love is hard to come by. So you find a way to cope without it"

Hey Bohemian Rhapsody, why are you crying?

A cool experience, I wasn't expecting anything like that (I cried 3 fucking times troughout the movie), an great biography of Elton John, with its highs and lows, but extremely exciting

The film tells the story of the life of the star very well, exploring even his darkest moment, I gotta say that the way that the movie does it sometimes loses the pace, but the choice to make the film essentially a musical is awesome and very well executed, the choreographies are structured into mind-blowing sequence plans and ludic scenes that dives into Elton John's mind in an intimate way

The performance of "Taron Egerton" is sublime, he is able to extract all the nuances and inconsistencies from Elton, showing his moments of extreme happiness, deep depression, his rise and decay, bringing a realistic and touching performance, is like seeing Elton John himself on screen, a real person.

Soundtrack is uses Elton John's songs, so that's pretty obvius. All the time I was anxiously waiting for the songs to start, the music scenes are awesome and fun. Colors are...confusing, I don't like the dark tones that sometimes predominate, the scenes with lighter colors (especially in the musical performances) are really beautiful though. Some characters are exaggerated caricatures, but maybe that's because the movie is from Elton's own point of view? Or maybe the script lazy, I don't know

A good movie with a great performance by Taron Egerton.

It was fun!

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