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  • The Killing of a Sacred Deer

    The Killing of a Sacred Deer

    "As we look around at the people we meet in life, we can usually point to the people who have done the best for themselves. Often they are the ones with the most rewarding jobs, perhaps the ones with the flashiest lifestyles. Now and then, the select few who get both.

    It’s easy to be jealous of these people – to covet so much of what they have. It’s even tempting to conflate success with moral fortitude. Seldom is that…

  • Lady Bird

    Lady Bird


    "Once upon a time, we read clever words in books and took their meaning to heart. We believed we were the first to read them, the first to truly understand them. Once upon a time, we listened to silly songs and wept along with the lyrics. We believed that they told our tale, that they expressed the feelings in our souls better than we ever could. Once upon a time, we yelled at our parents. We believed they didn’t “get us”, and that they were just trying to tell us what to do.

    Christ we were idiots. Beautiful, impulsive, energetic, living-out-loud idiots..."

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  • Logan



    "...Charles speaks with sweet sorrow about not being a better teacher, Logan wryly retorts that he wasn’t a good pupil. Their words are laced with both fondness, and regret. The expressions on their faces are a combination of “remember when” and “what if”.

    This is where time has brought them; to a point where they aren’t heroes, but instead teacher and student…father and son. They are, at long last, human...."

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  • Edge of Tomorrow

    Edge of Tomorrow


    The name of the game is problem solving. When given scarce details, how many of us have what it takes to work our way out of a situation? How many of us will try the exact same play in the exact same way again and again hoping that it works this time? More of us than might care to admit, I imagine.

    So the trick – like any gamer will tell you – is to look to understand the complete…