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  • Beauty and the Beast

    Beauty and the Beast

    "...But when it comes to retelling and remaking, there needs to be special attention paid to intention and craft – and those are two details that are sorely missing in this film. The craft of this film feels like it lacked vision. The characters were lively, but there wasn’t enough time to create enough of them…the music was lovely, but nobody knew how to sing it quite right….The castle was built, but knew how to film in it.

    All of…

  • Logan



    "...Charles speaks with sweet sorrow about not being a better teacher, Logan wryly retorts that he wasn’t a good pupil. Their words are laced with both fondness, and regret. The expressions on their faces are a combination of “remember when” and “what if”.

    This is where time has brought them; to a point where they aren’t heroes, but instead teacher and student…father and son. They are, at long last, human...."

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  • Silence



    "SILENCE is not a mission one takes on early in life, but rather a meditation one makes closer to the end. It requires the ability to admit error, and the understanding that admitting wrongdoing is not the same as embodying failure. It asks us all to make plain just why we do what we do.

    Are we doing it because it will lead to greater truth? Or because we want to be admired by others…both above and below our station?"

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  • Arrival



    "To listen – to really listen – is spectacularly hard. It requires setting aside impression, position, and any ideas of counter-statement. It can only thrive through true consideration, and a deep amount of patience. It requires being completely unconcerned with what is right, and instead being willing to realize what is true.

    Let’s be honest: most of us do not have it in us. We aren’t interested in listening, we are only interested in waiting for our turn to speak..."

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  • Pete's Dragon

    Pete's Dragon


    "Time and again, we are witness to that moment of transition – that point where one soul needs to pack up the car and hug another soul goodbye. That should be a miserable experience, but instead it is continually bittersweet and heartwarming. It allows us to witness the beginnings and endings of singular relationships and remember when we held that place for someone in our lives.

    It reminds us of time where we knew we belonged..."

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  • The Light Between Oceans

    The Light Between Oceans


    "What’s incredible to see in THE LIGHT BETWEEN OCEANS is the way the parents all fight for their place in Lucy-Grace’s life. By nature and by nurture, they all have an equal claim to their importance to the five-year-old-girl, but at a certain moment one is left to wonder; are these people acting in the child’s best interest, or their own?..."

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  • Indignation



    "Stories like INDIGNATION aren’t about telling us a tale we’ve never heard before. This is not the first film about trying to assimilate, trying to forge identity, or trying to outrun demons…and it won’t be the last. It’s not the what that matters in a film like this, it’s the how.

    For instance, how INDIGNATION goes about questioning whether or not Marcus is fitting in at Winesburg is by sitting him in the Dean’s office for a conversation that is…

  • Finding Dory

    Finding Dory


    If this fish story feels a lot like waters we have waded in before, it’s because…well…we have.

    So why return? Well, perhaps because it’s been thirteen long years and a new generation of filmgoers deserve a chance to watch this sort of aquatic homecoming on a big screen. Perhaps that stretch of time has given kids who adored the original a chance to come back as young adults, and be moved by their beloved heroes in way their young minds never appreciated.

    Perhaps a little of both.

  • X-Men: Apocalypse

    X-Men: Apocalypse

    This is not a question of Marvel-versus-DC, or of believing this franchise is better than that franchise. This is the realization that the people at Fox, and Bryan Singer specifically have stopped caring about telling stories. No character has been well-developed after all this time, no lessons have been learned. This group isn’t going on emotional journeys so much as they are crossing paths and hitting each other.

    These (X-Men) films have become action figure fights where the same characters…

  • Money Monster

    Money Monster


    "...If nothing else, MONEY MONSTER deserves points for once again asking how it is we continue to idly stand back and watch. Forty years ago, NETWORK dared to ask a similar question, and if anything it seems as though things have got worse since we weren’t going to take it anymore. Not so much at the top – things at the top of our society have always been rotten and will always be rotten. It’s down here amongst the unwashed…

  • Midnight Special

    Midnight Special


    "One constant to human nature is that we have real problems handling changes to the status quo. Any twist to the usual routine seems to set us on edge; whether it’s as minor as a rescheduling of our bus route, or as major as a new political party taking power. The difficulty in accepting change gets heightened when it comes to the well-being of our families. There are deep roots that are tricky to augment, and protective instincts that need to be overcome.

    In short, accepting change is often an alien concept..."

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  • Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

    Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

    "The funny thing about comic books is the way they have often reflected society in North America at the time they were brought to life. So during times of great unrest – like the Civil Rights era, or Post-9/11 America – our heroes and villains were drawn into stories and scenes that reflected the lives of the audience they were speaking to. Is it possible then, that comic book movies likewise reflect what is going on in moviegoers minds?