The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey ★★★★

I know everyone's upset about the HFR 3D presentation, so I'll leave that to the end of my review. I've been wanting to see The Hobbit ever since it was announced, even though I don't really consider myself a fan of the Lord of the Rings trilogy, but recent international reviews made me ease off on the hype. And, perhaps, that was for the better. I probably wouldn't have liked The Hobbit as much as I did, had I gone to see it with greater expectations. Fortunately, the movie was entertaining, funny, much lighter tonally than Lord of the Rings, and has some awesome set-piece moments. Peter Jackson knows how to film this universe, but the film is a bit longer than it should've been, suffering from some pacing issues earlier on, but that isn't enough to keep it from being one of the best big-budget films of the year. Now, yes, understandably, it's not up to the quality of any of the Lord of the Rings features, but as long as Jackson keeps on going like this, or improving, I'm along for two more.

As for the HFR 3D, here's my review: fuck you!

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