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  • Before Midnight

    Before Midnight


    Right at the hour and a half mark, Jesse tells the story of their children enjoying themselves on a trampoline but eventually find themselves arguing over a hula hoop. He uses this as an example that the natural human state of being is "a little dissatisfied" and "perpetually discontented." Celine responds, in full:

    When I see them fight, I see beautiful energy of going forward in life and not letting anyone step on them or take away what they want.…

  • Magnolia



    Part of what has drawn me to Paul Thomas Anderson is that I self-identify as “a fucking mess.” And PTA loves a man who is a mess.

    This year, I watched Daniel Plainview, Reynolds Woodcock, Freddie Quell, Lancaster Dodd, Sydney, Eddie Adams, Barry Egan, and Larry Sportello tear themselves apart with obsession, insecurity, fear, greed, a desire for purpose, or any other number of reasons the broken make a mess of themselves and those around them. It feels right to be…

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