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  • The Hand of God

    The Hand of God


    Not only is Paolo Sorrentino’s The Hand Of God one of the year’s best films (might even be the best if i think about it more), but it would have to be one of the most cathartic experiences i have ever watching a movie in my entire life. It not only made me feel every emotion imaginable, but it made me reflect on my life and made me realize why i love the art of filmmaking. 

    First off, there is…

  • King Richard

    King Richard


    King Richard is a film that contains everything you would expect from a feel-good crowd pleaser, and it brings those elements to the table in an endearing, powerful, and authentic manner, even if it still has its fair share of flaws here and there. 

    I will start off with how it brings it all to life by talking about the story and screenplay. As mentioned before, many elements from other feel-good movies are in display here, particularly an inspiring message…

Popular reviews

  • The Green Knight

    The Green Knight


    The Green Knight has got to be one of the not only one of my favorite theater experiences of the year, but it is also up there as one of my favorite films of the entire year so far.

    For starters, this is a film that makes for not only a mesmerizing experience that captures the essence of the original poem while still being its own entity, but also a superbly-told story that tackles themes such as our search for…

  • The Father

    The Father


    The Father is not even a horror film, and yet i found it to be one of the most terrifying films i have seen in a while. It is by far the most haunting depiction of a medical condition (in this case, dementia) i have seen in quite some time. I even did research on dementia after i watched this film, and this film seems to capture the brutalities of living with this condition super well.

    Through his excellent script…