Never Rarely Sometimes Always ★★★★★

Never Rarely Sometimes Always is the type of film that is not afraid to present an unconventional type of storytelling that also serves as a way to challenge the audience.

Through the excellent use of visual storytelling, it showcases an emotionally affecting story where every single shot, line of dialogue, and plot point has a purpose behind it. It results in the film feeling perfectly paced along with being an authentic, haunting portrayal of what occurs when someone decides to have an abortion. This is brought to life by 2 particular elements.

The first of these elements is Eliza Hitmann. Her writing and directing for this film work wonders in order to manifest a story and characters that feel like real life unfolding right in front of you. Plus, the characters never feel like you’re watching actors attempting to portraying teenagers. You feel like these characters are actual teenagers living every day life.

This is especially amplified with the 2nd great element of this film: Sidney Flanigan. This is such a wonderful first performance from her and i hope she continues to get more work in the future. She’s able to communicate what she’s thinking and feeling just through her expressions. That is such great acting that it blows my mind. Plus, whenever she does have dialogue, not only does she deliver it powerfully, but it also feels like how teenagers actually talk at this age.

To conclude, Never Rarely Sometimes Always is a film that takes the visual medium of filmmaking and utilizes it masterfully to present a beautifully told story with strong acting, great editing and pacing, and (possibly) some of the best directing and writing of 2020. I hope that Sidney Flanigan and Eliza Hittman get to work on more films in the future. They’re very promising new faces waiting to become new masters in the realm of filmmaking/acting.

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