Nomadland ★★★★★

What a way to start off my New Year with this poetic, emotionally affecting, thematically rich film. Nomadland is a film that delivers a realistic depiction of the Great Recession as well as the struggles that these Nomads go through as they are aware that they have practically everything away from them during these times... except for the ability to connect with others, which makes for a very inspiring message. And at the center of it all are two particular factors of this film:

1. Chloe Zhao’s writing and direction. She manages to tell a story from the heart and one that will resonate with others due to how brilliantly it explores its themes of the economy, friendship, and life itself.

2. Frances McDormand’s performance. This is one of the best performances she’s ever given. It’s one that is very minimalist in terms of material to work with, but she makes the most out of it through her line delivery (when necessary) and her emotional expressions throughout the film’s runtime.

On top of this, this film’s musical score is honestly the best of the year and one that perfectly amplifies the emotion of each scene while also matching the film’s setting and tone. This film is also striking from an editing and cinematography perspective. The cinematography makes the film so gorgeous to look at while also masterfully capturing the size and scope of the film’s setting as well. The editing made for a brilliantly paced film that also adds a natural flow to each character’s development while also advancing the story correctly.

Please seek out Nomadland when you get the chance. Trust me when i say that it is one of the best films of 2020 and one that will not disappoint under any circumstances.

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