Promising Young Woman

Promising Young Woman ★★★★½

Promising Young Woman is a strong contender for one of the most entertaining films of 2020. Not only is there a fun story that is engaging to follow the whole way through, but it also makes for one that is bold in its execution and explores themes that feel a lot more timely nowadays (particularly with the #MeToo movement).

I would like to give my compliments to director/writer Emerald Fennell for the approach that she took with the storyline and for creating a well-crafted film, as this film’s editing, cinematography, and production values for not only coinciding with her directorial style and the tone/setting/mood of the film, but for also making the story flow naturally, thus resulting in the film being perfectly paced.

My highest compliments, however, go to Carey Mulligan’s performance as Cassie. She fully captures the cunning and intimidating nature of the character while also bringing some emotional depth to her performance and character during the film’s poignant moments.

If it wasn’t for one nitpick i had with the film, that being that some of the supporting characters feeling slightly underdeveloped, I would’ve called this a perfect film. But as is, it’s still a fantastic, well-made, funny, and bold dark-comedy thriller film that feels more timely than ever. Really interesting to see what Emerald Fennell does next. With this film i think she has potential to become one of the best film directors of this century.

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