The Truman Show ★★★★★

My very first first-time watch for a (somewhat) classic film in 2021, and a perfect one to start with at that.

The Truman Show presents a concept that sounds excellent on paper and manages to deliver in its execution. It goes beyond what could’ve been just a standard dramedy and dives deep into complex themes centering around the power of media, the authenticity of the every-day world, and whether not the world specifically revolves around us.

This is perfectly captured throughout the film and makes for a satisfying payoff of an ending where Truman (played excellently by Jim Carrey) fully realizes that he’s been living in a TV show his entire life while Christof (played by Ed Harris) reminds him of how much of an asset he was to the show’s success, but at the same time reminds him that the world is not entirely about him. All of this also makes for a powerful message that everyone can feel inspire by throughout their life, particularly whenever people go out of their way to describe themselves and talk with others, family members, friends, etc.

All of these elements are brought to life through exceptional writing from Andrew Niccol and superb directing from Peter Weir. In all honesty, if this story was given to any other director/writer (or both), the film wouldn’t have been as special as it was. Their talents as filmmakers make for a story that can (and also have) lead to discussions about the film’s story and themes, which also makes for quite a bit to unpack from a storytelling and thematic perspective as you both analyze the film and discuss with others.

Like i’ve briefly commented on before, Jim Carrey’s performance as Truman Burbank is one of the best in his career. Even though i still think that Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind is his best performance, this one is definitely a close second in my book. He still carries the same amount of charm and charisma that he carried throughout his career doing comedic roles in films such as Dumb & Dumber and The Mask, but in this film, it was the first time he managed to add some emotional depth to both his performance and his character and he pulls it off here masterfully.

All in all, The Truman Show is a film that i hope is still being discussed by many as it is one of the most thematically rich, beautifully told, funny, and superbly executed films of the past couple of decades.

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