Wonder Woman 1984 ★★

Despite some decent performances and a good musical score from Hans Zimmer (albeit one of his more weaker ones), Wonder Woman 1984 is still another film to add to the long list of disappointments to come from this terrible year. It falls completely short compared to the first one when it comes to its storytelling, writing, and action scenes. All of these particular qualities feel like they were pulling off the bare minimum and come off as lazy and not well thought-out. I do give credit to this film for attempting to have something to say and to tackle themes that are not usually that explored upon in other superhero/comic book films, but the way they did it here felt very heavy-handed, thus resulting in a nothingburger film that offers very little in terms of substance despite its efforts.

On the bright side, at least i can consider myself a Pedro Pascal stan now thanks to this and The Mandalorian :D

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