Matt has written 3 reviews for films rated ½ during 2021.

  • F9


    Both cinema and my mental health are officially dead. And you have none other than this corporate pile of misery and nonsense to thank. Actual “filmmaking” and “storytelling” are completely absent throughout the runtime and are replaced with everything you could think of that i hate in modern filmmaking nowadays (Style over substance nonsense, no enjoyment factor, the look & feel of a corporate sellout, etc.). As much as i admit that there are movies that i enjoy for dumb fun, i…

  • Jellyfish Eyes

    Jellyfish Eyes

    Jellyfish Eyes is quite possibly one of the most misguided, incompetent, anger-inducing, and WORST films i think i’ve ever seen. This is a film that fuels me with anger just thinking about it.

    Let’s first start with its acting. Nobody gives any form of effort in their performances. Every single one of the cast members either come off as bland and unauthentic to cheesy and over-the-top, thus resulting in amplifying the overtly and unbearably cloying nature of the film (but…

  • The Marksman

    The Marksman

    The Marksman is one of those films that feels like the filmmakers felt afraid to take any risks. Every single aspect of the filmmaking in this movie feels safe and even incompetent at times.

    The script feels like it was written by a high school (or even middle school) student who has no experience in filmmaking and had a friend write it for him in less than a week. Literally anyone can write dialogue, plot points, and action scenes the…