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  • The Little Things

    The Little Things

    The Little Things is basically if you took Se7en and strip that film of everything that made it good. This film has very little to offer to the viewer both artistically and emotionally.

    The storytelling is a jumbled hodgepodge of scenes that don’t exactly build up to anything satisfying nor feel cohesive. Even with this random mish-mash of scenes mixed together with no rhyme or reason, the plot still manages to feel way too safe and generically executed for its…

  • Ratatoing


    Had to bump up my rating a bit due to ironic enjoyment. Add this to the list of guilty pleasures of mine.


    P R E C I S E L Y

  • Venom


    Is this what cinema feels (and looks like) like when it dies? Is it really this joyless & poorly made? Well, based on what i saw throughout this depressing cringefest, yes it is.