Matt has written 7 reviews for films rated ★★★★ .

  • A Hard Day's Night

    A Hard Day's Night


    One of the most delightful films i’ve seen in God knows how long. Such a damn good time. Rating could go up on a rewatch tbh

  • Mickey's Once Upon a Christmas

    Mickey's Once Upon a Christmas


    I remember watching this multiple times on VHS as a kid and adoring it. Now that i’m a young adult, how do my feelings on this Christmas special hold up? Well, i’m happy to sat that this special still holds up 21 years later. It perfectly captures the heart, soul, and spirit of the holiday through its emotional storytelling and visuals, while also adding dashes of goofy (no pun intended), but also irresistibly charming, humor to it as well. Sure does feel good to go down memory lane during this particular time of the year 😊❤️

  • Persona



    Look folks, i want to love this film like all of you do. Plus, i think this is still a really good film that showcases Ingmar Bergman’s talents as a filmmaker. But in all honesty, i can’t really call this his masterpiece like everyone else does. This is due to these 2 main issues:

    1. The Pacing. This is one of those cases where i think the film could’ve benefited from having a slower pace, thus allowing for more time…

  • Mank



    Mr. Monke-wicz


  • The Rules of the Game

    The Rules of the Game


    Somewhat lacking in the humor and pacing department, but the storyline, acting, directing, cinematography, editing, music, and production values really kept me interested throughout, especially with it’s satirical look at upper class French society.

  • Sleepy Hollow

    Sleepy Hollow


    Christopher Walken’s Headless Horseman is my pride and joy

  • The Ballad of Buster Scruggs

    The Ballad of Buster Scruggs


    Yeah, how many Oscars was this film nominated for, again?

    Just 3???

    Alright, Academy. You do you, i guess...