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  • Can You Ever Forgive Me?

    Can You Ever Forgive Me?


    Can You Ever Forgive Me is a heartbreaking tale of a desperate woman just trying to survive. It’s a story that so many can relate to. How many people in this world have been forced into a life of crime because it’s the only way they know how to pay the bills? It’s very hard not to relate to her and it’s equally as hard not to feel for her.

    Melissa McCarthy is an absolute force. I have yet to…

  • The Favourite

    The Favourite


    The Favourite was kind of everything I expected it to be, which was a crazy oddball film! Despite the fact that this is not a movie that I would probably ever watch again, I have so many good things to say about it.

    If you aren’t familiar, the story follows the story of two women, Sarah and Abigail as they fight for the attention and attraction of Queen Anne. There is obviously so much more to it than that but…

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  • Green Book

    Green Book


    I just moved so I’ve been seriously slacking on my movie watching but also my Oscar nominee watching. Luckily I had already seen most of the best pictures noms, but I still had a few to knock off the list. So I started with Green Book

    For some reason I was not expecting to like this as much as I did. It really was this charming buddy comedy that I didn’t expect. The story follows a man named Tony in…

  • Ant-Man and the Wasp

    Ant-Man and the Wasp


    This won’t be a proper review as this was a rewatch, just some key thoughts. :)

    I watched this directly after watching Infinity War, as Ryan had yet to see it. This was my first time seeing it since the theater. I have to say that watching this after Infinity War, it pretty underwhelming. Not to say that it isn’t good because it is, but comparatively within the whole of the MCU, it’s one of the weaker ones. I did…