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  • Erin Brockovich


  • The Bridges of Madison County


  • Desperately Seeking Susan


  • Heartbreakers


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  • Heartbreakers



    I had a fun time with this. It’s at least 30 minutes too long and The JLH and JL romance doesn’t work at all, but the rest of the cast delivered entertaining performances.

  • Pale Rider

    Pale Rider


    Too schmaltzy at times and the central girl never worked for me as either an actor or as a character, but Clint as a gunslinging ghost destined to wander is a premise that just works.

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  • Beebo Saves Christmas

    Beebo Saves Christmas

    On any other network Legends of Tomorrow would have been cancelled for low ratings but on the CW it can meme a cute little kids Christmas special into existence.

  • For Love of the Game

    For Love of the Game


    Sam Raimi Ranked 

    A film that should work on paper but in practice feels like tepid dad rock. And I have a lot of love for dad rock, but if your movie has Bob Seger playing in a movie about a Detroit Tiger and I don’t feel a swell of Michigander pride: you messed up somewhere along the way Sam.