• Brewster McCloud

    Brewster McCloud


    This was mostly a mess, but I love the car chase, I love Shelly Duvall, and I love Milhouse, the absolute legend.

  • Sweet Charity

    Sweet Charity


    A visual treat.

  • The Lost Weekend

    The Lost Weekend


    There’s one scene in here - the one that’s reminiscent of a famous Batman scene - that will leave you wanting the full-on Billy Wilder horror movie that we never got. The film is quite well made but despite all the critical acclaim this received, I was left kind of cold by it. Certain scenes do a good job at selling Don’s spiral, but others are too melodramatic. I think that not being able to give this my full attention probably hurt my enjoyment.

  • One, Two, Three

    One, Two, Three


    60% of this movie is James Cagney shouting and pointing, and it’s great.

  • Donnie Darko

    Donnie Darko


    I know this movie has inspired tons of interesting discussion and interpretations but my main takeaway was that we don’t talk enough about how great Tears for Fears are.

  • The Color of Money

    The Color of Money


    Always fun to watch a movie and realize that Community based a whole episode off of it. This was a good character piece with some great visual flair from Scorsese.

  • The Hustler

    The Hustler


    Love the score and it all the cast delivered - especially Piper Laurie - I just never connected with it emotionally.

  • Fedora



    A good movie that is really hurt by its structure. Separating the mystery & most of the flashbacks and character development into distinct halves gives it an odd feel, especially when the mystery is not that hard to solve.

  • Death Proof

    Death Proof


    Russell is great and Zoe Bell rocks but I never really got on the movie’s wavelength, especially during the first half. Maybe the version in Grindhouse would work better for me.

  • Gone in Sixty Seconds

    Gone in Sixty Seconds


    Very 2000s for better or for worse but I’m just a sucker for a good heist movie.

  • Con Air

    Con Air


    It’s no Face/Off but it is very dumb in very fun ways.

  • Nashville



    There truly is nothing more American, nothing that brings people from all parts of the political spectrum together, like listening to some British asshole try to tell you the problems in your country and rolling your eyes as hard as you can.

    Nashville is a masterpiece, plan and simple. It’s a massive tapestry that is complex without being difficult to understand. By the time the credits roll, you know who these 20+ characters are just by watching them go through…