Hangman ★★★½

A grim found footage thriller that makes you feel dirty after watching it, it truly gives off the feeling that you shouldn't be watching what's going on but at the same time you can't take your eyes off it.

A psycho breaks into a family's house and moves himself in, creeping around while they sleep, terrorising them and all the while they have no idea.

Jeremy Sisto and Kate Ashfield help bring name recognition to these characters, and the fact it's filmed on surveillance footage means we don't immediately associate them with the actors, even Amy Smart pops up for a cameo although it's hard to even make out it's her.

The start is shocking and so is the ending, particularly the death of one of the side characters, which was totally unexpected, not to mention gory!

Definitely worth a watch even if you loathe found footage as much as I do.