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Matt Thomas


Film Fanatic, Yorkshireman, Tall.
Devoted 'Wittertainee'.
Likes the dark. Tries anything once. 🌈

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  • Tenet



    Cinema is alive and kicking! And it's name is Christopher Nolan.

    You're going to lose your minds over this!

    If you need me, I'll be picking mine off the floor and scraping what's left back through my eyes and ears.

    Perhaps I'm just giddy about being allowed back into a cinema. Or could I just be breathless because I've been wearing a mask for 3 hours? Who knows?!

    Yes, this is maybe a bit too smart for its own good.…

  • Parasite



    What. A. Film!

    Even when it is flawed (peach allergy) the eccentric energy powers it through. Silly and sincere in equal measures. And despite feeling like a cross between A Woman, a Gun and a Noodle Shop and Martyrs this still manages to come across as being utterly original. Whether you see the twists coming or not doesn't matter when they're delivered with such aplomb.

    Bong Joon Ho and his (under-rated) cast are geniuses. And from cinematography to score via…

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  • Streetlife



    Classic British 'Play for the day' type drama with a superbly compelling central turn from Helen McCrory. I wish she'd taken more leading roles like this. She's in a class of her own. Sadly missed.

    The Annie Lennix soundtrack is blissful.

  • Come As You Are

    Come As You Are


    The original didn't need remaking but this does a reasonable job of capturing the good points of that film. It's a fairly straight English language adaptation with an engaging cast. No better but also no worse.

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  • Kick-Ass



    Still feels fresh. Laugh out loud funny, sends up the genre perfectly, and Cage is excellent.

  • Paddington



    An all round bona-fide British classic. Heart-warmingly funny with a top notch cast and tremendous effects. Could become a Christmas favourite for all the family.