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  • Mission: Impossible - Fallout

    Mission: Impossible - Fallout


    Utterly thrilling. Easily the film of the summer. Both entertaining and technically magnificent.

    Christopher McQuarrie has marshalled a remarkable team effort here. Sure, Cruise is the star and what he does here defies the expectations you could have of any 56 year old man! He literally throws himself into every scene - both big and small.

    His contribution though, impressive as it is, wouldn't have as much impact without the support of the off-camera crew. Just think for a moment,…

  • Ready Player One

    Ready Player One


    Steven Spielberg is 71 years young! Yes, the references are old. But the approach and execution couldn't be more modern.

    Visually this is initially quite overwhelming, and I suspect a second viewing may be even more rewarding. As a non-gamer my expectations were perhaps lower than that of others. But this delivers in spades. The start of the 'Key Two' sequence brought gasps!

    There's a really positive level of diverse representation here too. Very natural. Mendelsohn is the standard out…

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  • Tomorrow Never Dies

    Tomorrow Never Dies


    The more I watch this, the more I appreciate it. From the incredible opening to the really confident storyline (Pryce as 'Murdoch' is tremendous). The (mostly) practical stunts are among the best of the franchise. And the female roles feel much better written - or as well as any Bond 'girl' can be written through a misogynistic male gaze of course!

  • GoldenEye



    What a fantastic way to reinvigorate the franchise. Non stop action from start to finish, genuinely funny (knowingly so) moments such as adjusting the tie, and the perfect introduction for Bronhom. The opening stunt - even when you know how they did it - is still breathtaking. Janssen might be the best Bond Girl yet. Bean a worthy adversary. Dench just simply perfection.

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  • Paddington



    An all round bona-fide British classic. Heart-warmingly funny with a top notch cast and tremendous effects. Could become a Christmas favourite for all the family.

  • Kick-Ass



    Still feels fresh. Laugh out loud funny, sends up the genre perfectly, and Cage is excellent.