• Honey Cigar

    Honey Cigar


    Far from the visually stylistic film that the description led me to expected. Not particularly sensual either. Very average and unremarkable.

  • Mass



    A powerful four hander which must have been exhausting to film. The performances (especially Dowd and Isaacs) are career bests. And this has such a good script. You, and the characters, go through all the emotions on a journey - mainly the cycle of grief - towards acceptance of the tragic situation that brings them together. I'd love to see a We Need To Talk About Kevin sequel along these lines!

  • Comets



    Long takes can often be very immersive. Not here. Even at just 71 minutes this has a feeling of filler. Until the winking contest. Which is just weird.

  • My American Uncle

    My American Uncle


    Maybe I'm just not in the right mood tonight, but this really annoyed me. Lazy writing, non-impactful performances (even Depardieu), bizarre intercuts and just generally most things that piss me off.

  • The Filmmaker's House

    The Filmmaker's House


    Extraordinary and frustrating and a little manipulative. Full of humanity and caution and trust and generosity and class and cultural differences and togetherness. Quite chaotic. Full of conflicting emotions. And then the rug pull towards the end which leaves even more feelings - not all good but ballsy nonetheless.

  • Under the Skin

    Under the Skin


    A raw drama which feels like a slightly heightened Mike Leigh film. Morton throws everything into her role. The stakes are fairly low but there's still a bubbling interpersonal tension throughout.

  • Kiss of the Damned

    Kiss of the Damned


    If sexy vampires are your thing then this film is for you.  But it doesn't offer much else. A pompous tone and score make it hard to connect with. The dialogue is rather stilted too.

  • Pig



    Never underestimate Cage. One paper this is John Wick with a pig.  Ht on screen it's an utterly devastating portrayal of social abandonment, grief and love. Credit to rhe director too, but without Nic this would be nothing. The man is a God.

  • Tokyo Sonata

    Tokyo Sonata


    This is such a great film. A smart yet subtle script explores economic issues on a human level (hiding unemployment from a family) with sincerity and respect. The entire cast, but especially the principals, are all in total synergy with each other. Powerful yet tender.

  • Soorarai Pottru

    Soorarai Pottru


    So broad it's quite funny in places but as 'underdog' stories go this ticks all the boxes. All the usual Bollywood tropes are here; slow-mos, random songs, misognist leads and a 'love conquers all' subplot. The effects are atrocious but actually fit in with the naffness on display here. It's utter rubbish but I couldn't help but enjoy it! A new guilty pleasure??

  • Yi Yi

    Yi Yi


    Elegant if a little disjointed. There are any long pauses that made me question the running time but by the end the pacing was starting to feel more natural.

  • I, Monster

    I, Monster


    Fair play to Lee for trying to act the Jekyll / Hyde transformation in camera but sadly even he isn't up to it. Cushing is magnificently in control though and drifts through his scenes with grace. Just a pity everything around him is utter bobbins.