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  • Book Club

    Book Club


    I always say that Fences or Girl’s Trip were so incredible in the theater because I got to see them and interact with them in the audience that those movies were made for and they felt comfortable talking back and laughing and clapping and it was an incredible space to be invited into. Let me tell you, the house full of old white ladies I saw this with have never been more lit on a movie in their lives! They…

  • Sylvio



    He interacts with a small potted plant at one point and I was thrilled to see the big screen debut of Poppy’s biggest fan, Plant.
    I’m so here for an ASMR puppet show.

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  • Love, Simon

    Love, Simon


    I was buying my ticket and I got emotional when the girl said the theater was almost full and I could come back if I didn't find a seat. Then I got even more emotional when I found out this full theater was full of intimidating young gays who are doing everything better than I did at their age. 
         This was so good. I can't even imagine how it would've affected me if I'd gotten this my senior year instead…

  • Personal Shopper

    Personal Shopper


    I! AM! SHOOK!
    Kristen Stewart cured my homosexuality. I like women now. 
    The first 2/3 felt sort of mucky, or I was just confused, but then it pulls everything into focus so quickly and cleanly I just. I can't.
    I know some people had a hard time mining meaning out of this or understanding it, but I just listened to RuPaul's interview with Tyler Henry, the Hollywood Medium, so I understood it perfectly. 
    This was so motherfucking thrilling. I walked…