20th Century Women

20th Century Women ★★★★½

"wondering if you're happy - it's just a great shortcut to just being depressed."

This is the hardest I've cried this season.
Annette Bening communicates more with a single eyebrow than I have with my mouth my entire life. This performance is incredible yet so tiny and intricate. 
This reinforced my love of both Elle Fanning and Greta Gerwig. This has been a great year for both of them. 
Billy Crudup is so fucking sexy in this movie, I could not handle my shit. Like. I wasn't at all confused why everyone wanted to sleep with him. 
Truly the best comedy of the year.
I can't wait to watch this movie another 5 times next year.
I literally cried so hard. 
I haven't physically related to a movie this hard in a long time. My mom wasn't a ton like Annette in character, but that relationship felt too close. I was the intended audience af. I hope that everyone has the experience watching this movie that I did. 
My mom also had me when she was 40.
We also live in an old house that's always falling apart.
My mother also dates men for short times and is unhappy. 
I was also raised by many people. 
My mother is also afraid she's constantly fucking me up.
One time, my grandpa drove off a hill, and my mom also invited all the firemen who helped him back to dinner.
Greta Gerwig said "get out of this town before you work in a Sunglass shop" and I work in a Sunglass shop after staying in my home town for a too long. She'd be so disappointed in me.

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